I received a technical background in architecture and design from the Knowlton School of Architecture at The Ohio State University. There I learned to use CAD software to solve geometrical and spatial problems. 

This background in the fundamentals provided a foundation on which to explore my interests in artistic and dynamic approaches to design—particularly in visualization techniques—in the M. Arch 2 program at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc). There I honed digital design, fabrication, programming, and digital modeling skills.

At SCI-Arc, I had the opportunity to join the X-Lab design research program, which focused on the use of collaborative robotics and additive fabrication processes in architecture, under the leadership of Peter Testa. I also worked on several design teams where I researched project specific components and concepts, made construction drawings, and created digital and physical models.





After graduation, I joined the HKS Inc. team in Washington, DC as a forum member. For the last three years, I have collaborated on projects in the DC, Baltimore, and Dallas metropolitan areas. The projects ranged in size from 4,000 square feet to more than 1 million. A hospital inspired by silkworm cocoons, a statement canopy for Capital One’s headquarters, and an Urban Food Studio for the Capital Area Food Bank exemplify my approach to architecture and design.

Visual storytelling remains a fundamental part of articulating ideas in my work. I see design as a narrative for living and building that constantly pushes the boundaries of what architecture can be. With 3D software and simulation tools, I generate patterns and objects that mimic natural order and processes.

Outside of work, I spend my free time drawing, coding programs like Skinventor, cycling, cooking, and playing soccer.

Matthew Noe
LEED Green Assoc.